Today I want to talk about the components of creativity or the underlying factors ro the creative process. One way to approach the problem is by looking at how we measure or evaluate a creative product. Creativity is sometimes broken up into divergent thinking and convergent thinking; though I argue that essentially same processes are involved in both. TTCT Tortance of both verbal and figural parts. These creativity test are scored keeping in mind a of different creativity criteria. The most common common to all of the above criteria are: 1.

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One way to approach the problem is by looking at how we measure or evaluate a creative product.

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Fluency: This captures the ability to come up with many diverse ideas quickly. Picture construction task or shapes task In this Todrance the children are given shape of a triangle or a jelly bean and a sheet of white paper. In this task the subjects are asked to list as many impossibilities as they can. The Miniature art of India, that has elaborate details, is an example of this form, and is useful in reconstructing history.

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It was believed the children would be able to handle tin cans and books more easily since both are more available to children than bricks. Akin to natural selection, factor 4 or utility or objective adaption criterion drives selection by this means. Convergent thinking is measured by tests like remote associations test or insight problems.

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. Subjects are instructed to construct pictures or des, making use of all of the coloured circles and strips with a thirty-minute time limit.

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Unusual uses task In this task, along with the product improvement task another task unusual uses is used. If the first factor is about combination, Simpl may be thought of as permutation or reordering.

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Torrance called the new scoring procedure Streamlined Scoring. They are asked not to bother about whether or not it is possible to implement the change thought of. These problems are solved when you apply one of the methods below: 1.

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Topics are suggested e. Description[ edit ] Built on J. Subjects are instructed that they will be given common situations and that they will be asked to think of as many problems as they can that may arise in connection with these situations. This is related to fluency scores Skmple the ease with which you can ideate. As evident from the alternate uses task the utility of something is ambiguous and context dependent and yet measured objectively and not subjectively.

The subjects are asked to sketch some novel objects or de by adding as many lines as they can to the ten figures. These tests represent a fairly sharp departure from the factor type tests developed by Guilford and his associates Guilford, Merrifield and Cox, ; Merrifield, Guilford and Gershan,and they also differ from the battery developed by Wallach and Koganwhich contains measures representing creative tendencies that are similar in nature Torrance, Torrsnce third edition of the TTCT in eliminated the Flexibility scale from the figural test, but added Resistance to Premature Closure based on Gestalt Psychology and Abstractness of Titles as two new criterion-referenced scores on the figural.

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These are then selected using the lens and criterion of Beauty and Utility, the remaining two factors. For example, if all schools were abolished, what would you do to try to become educated?

This is measured as of novel ideas generated. Make unique association between parts of the problem.

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The task is to think of all possible things which might have happened when the cow jumped over the moon. He chose three improbable situations and the children were required to list out their consequences.

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Imaginative stories task In this task the child is told to write the most interesting and exciting story they can think of. All art is quite useless.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and is related to subjective preferences. This is measured by of different of ideas generated.

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With the five norm-referenced measures that he now had fluency, originality, abstractness of titles, elaboration and resistance to premature closurehe added 13 criterion-referenced measures which include: emotional expressiveness, story-telling articulateness, movement or actions, expressiveness of titles, syntheses of incomplete figures, synthesis of lines, of circles, unusual visualization, extending or breaking boundaries, humor, richness of imagery, colourfulness of imagery, and fantasy.

Verbal tasks using nonverbal stimuli[ edit ] Ask and guess task The ask and guess task requires the individual first to ask questions about a picture — questions which cannot be answered by just looking at the picture.

In a course in personality development too mental hygiene, Torrance has experimented with a of modifications of the basic task, making the restrictions more specific. Consequences task The consequences task was also used originally by Guilford and his associates In this task the subjects are given a list of common objects and are asked to suggest as many ways as they can to improve each object.

This looks again similar to flexibility or how fluid is your categorisation schema ro you to think out of the box and not be limited by typical or associations.