He has been employed as a musician, writer, businessman and researcher, and his love for the Carberry Sandhills has unified it Norty. He follows in the foot steps of some famous early naturalists, the Criddles of Aweme and Ernest Thomson Seton, who earned their stripes in Manitoba's Carberry Sandhills region. Without going on to post-secondary studies, Errol built a professional network and a skills-base that has allowed him to be an excellent researcher and a strong voice for the preservation of the area. Description The Northern Prairie Skink is a smooth, shiny, alert lizard that, if seen, can prove very difficult to catch.

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In all but two instances there was no noticeable movement, with recaptures occurring within 1.

Within a few days the young begin to disperse from the nest and forage for food. Therefore, we conclude that the increase in recovery rates in the latter half of the study was a function of an increase in harvest rates, but the increase was exaggerated by the known increase in band reporting rate Boomer et al.

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Burnham, and D. This plank was home to four skinks that I marked for easy identification.

Following the trend of the population, annual harvest of pintails declined from the late s, through the s, and into the early s; subsequently, harvest generally increased but still remained below levels of the s and early s Fig. Skinks will breed in captivity, as I found by placing pairs in a terrarium that had been prepared to be as close to their natural surroundings as possible.

Therefore, we are unable to rule out definitively an effect of restrictive hunting bag limits. s in B.

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Not once did I see one of these skinks out on the surface, but each time I lifted the plank I recaptured all four individuals. Get Laid Today! Finally, because we anticipated an effect of harvest regulations on annual survival rates, we predicted that harvest mortality would be additive to some degree to seex mortality.

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Assessing compensatory versus additive harvest mortality: an example using greater sage-grouse. Harvest rates When direct recoveries were adjusted for reporting rates, harvest rates generally followed a pattern similar to recovery rates: all cohorts exhibited a general decline in harvest rates from the late s to the early s, and then harvest rates generally increased, or stabilized in the case of adult females, from that point until Fig. Our were specific to pintails banded in Prairie Canada, and it is possible that bag limit fod may have a more pronounced effect on pintails in other regions.

Fleskes, K.

Along the remnant western shoreline of Lake Agassiz there is an isolated occurrence of skinks just west of Fargo, North Dakota and some Priarie to the northeast, far removed from its relatives, the Northern Prairie Skink has found a home in the Carberry Sandhills. As a result, we predicted that annual survival rates of pintails from Prairie Canada would vary by age and sex, with greater survival of males than females and of adults than juveniles.

Kramer, G.

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Recovery and harvest rates varied over time but generally declined in the s and increased from the early s until the end of the study period. Modeling survival and testing biological hypotheses using marked animals: a unified approach fro case studies.

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Thirty-six days after being laid a single egg hatched and the young skink and its mother were returned to the place where Norfh had captured the female. Zimmerman, K. Perhaps an old male is set upon by a young successor.

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An improved understanding of the effects of harvest regulations may highlight the value of imposing harvest restrictions in the event of future population declines. More precise estimates Prairif the process correlations could likely be achieved by increasing the of pintails banded, thereby increasing the precision around the estimates of annual survival and recovery rates. Therefore, pintails and their nests may be more vulnerable to spring seeding activities than other species of prairie ducks, leading to reduced nest success and overall productivity HestbeckMiller and DuncanPodruzny et al.

Our study shows a slight increase in survival rates of pintails from Prairue Canada over the period of time when the population experienced a ificant decline.

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Espinosa, E. Harvest and dynamics of duck populations. This highly questionable practice has actually aided Manitoba skinks along with some of our other reptile species. Currently, the population is relatively low but stable, and the effects of a change to bag limits could be more quantifiable and less cofounded than the late s, when restrictions were implemented as the population was in a major decline Rice et al.

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Norrh graciously provided instruction and advice on the on of MCMC analysis. Several times I observed her moving the eggs about in the nest cavity herself. Although annual survival is known to be a key parameter affecting population abundance, survival rates specific to pintails of Prairie Canada have not been examined to determine whether there was a decline in survival coinciding with the decline in the population.

When the male begins to show interest in the female he arches his tail upward with the tip dragging on the ground.

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A critical review of the aerial and ground surveys of breeding waterfowl in North America. It is possible that harvest rates would have increased more dramatically from the late s had restrictions been lifted, but there is currently no evidence to support that hypothesis.

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Economic and conservation ramifications from the decline of waterfowl hunters. Input data for our analysis were recovery matrices involving allindividuals banded from —, stratified according to age adult vs. Response of Nirth pintail breeding populations to drought, — Rockwell, K. Annual survival and site fidelity of northern pintails banded on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska.

Since the late s, harvest rates were variable but generally increased despite harvest restrictions remaining in place; a possible exception to this pattern was adult females, for which harvest rates Lopking only slightly eex the same period. He follows in the foot steps of some famous early naturalists, the Criddles of Aweme and Ernest Thomson Seton, who earned their stripes in Manitoba's Carberry Sandhills region.

Waterfowl production from winter wheat fields in north and south Dakota.