Mary Wollstonecraft had written earlier pieces on the education of girls and young women, but this was ificant both for its concern with equity for girls and young women — and for its advocacy of mixed day schooling: My observations on national education are obviously hints; but I principally wish to enforce the necessity of educating the sexes together to perfect both, and of making children sleep at home that they may learn to love home; yet to make private support, lady of smothering, public affections, they should be sent to school to mix with a of equals, for only by the jostlings of equality can we form a just opinion of ourselves. See, also, William Godwin on education and Mary Wollstonecraft on education in the encyclopedia. A man cannot retire into a cement with his child, and if he did he could not bring himself back to childhood, and become the proper friend and play-fellow of an infant or youth. And when children are confined to the society of men and women, they very soon acquire that kind of premature manhood which stops the growth of every vigorous power of mind or body. In order to open their faculties they should be excited to think for themselves; and this can only be done by mixing a of sex together, and making them tly pursue the looking objects.

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And when children are confined to the society of men and women, they very soon acquire that kind of premature manhood which stops the growth of every vigorous power of mind or body. No, wise in their generation, they venerate the prescriptive right of possession, CCement a strong hold, and still let the sluggish bell tinkle to prayers, as during the days when the elevation of the host was supposed to atone for the sins of the people, lest one reformation should lead to another, and the spirit kill the letter.

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Half the employment of the youths is to elude the necessity of attending public worship; and well they may, for such a constant repetition of the same thing must be a very irksome restraint on their natural vivacity. I do not forget the popular opinion that the Grecian statues were not modelled after nature.

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And what nasty indecent tricks do they not also learn from each other, when a of them pig together in the same bedchamber, not to speak of the vices, which render the body weak, whilst they effectually prevent the acquisition of any delicacy of mind. Single-sex schools are either the way to get ahead or perpetuating gender stereotypes.

Single sex school poll The data won't answer this question for you Still, when choosing a school for your child, if your main priority is good exam grades, the league table toppers suggest that the effects of single sex education are marginal. Last Updated on July 6, by infed.

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The consequence is obvious; in gay scenes of dissipation we meet the artificial mind and face, for those who fly from solitude dread, next to solitude, the domestic circle; not having it in their power to amuse or interest, they feel their own inificance, or find nothing to amuse or interest themselves. But, can they be expected to inspire independent sentiments, whose conduct must be regulated by the cautious prudence that is ever on the watch for preferment?

A taste for the fine arts requires great cultivation; but not more than a taste for the virtuous affections; and both suppose that enlargement of mind which opens so many sources of mental pleasure.

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Is it surprising that such a tasteless being should rather caress this dog than her children? My imagination darts forward with benevolent fervour to greet these amiable and respectable groups, in spite of the sneering of cold hearts, who are at liberty to utter, with frigid lokoing, the damning epithet—romantic; the force of which I shall endeavour to blunt by repeating the words of an eloquent moralist.

The little respect paid to chastity kooking the male world is, I am persuaded, the grand source of many of the physical and moral evils that torment mankind, as well as of the vices and follies that degrade and destroy women; yet at school, boys Layd lose that decent bashfulness, which might have ripened into modesty, at home.

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For instance, botany, mechanics, and astronomy. They should be tried by their peers, Cemejt would be an admirable method of fixing sound principles of justice in the mind, and might have the happiest effect on the temper, which is very early soured or irritated by tyranny, till it becomes peevishly cunning, or ferociously overbearing.

Nay, marriage will never be held sacred till women, by being brought up with men, are prepared to be their companions rather than their mistresses; for the mean doublings of cunning will ever render them contemptible, whilst oppression renders them timid. This brood of folly shows how mistaken they are who, if they allow women to leave their harems, do not cultivate their understandings, in order to plant eex in their hearts.

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And she who takes her dogs to bed, and nurses them with a parade of sensibility, when sick, will suffer her babes to grow up crooked in a nursery. The school-room ought to be surrounded by a large piece of ground, in which the children might be usefully exercised, for at this age they ssx not be confined to any sedentary employment for more than an hour at a time.

Make them free, and they will quickly become wise and virtuous, as men become more so; for the improvement must be mutual, or the injustice which one half of the human race are obliged to submit to, retorting on their oppressors, the virtue of men will be worm-eaten by the insect whom he keeps under his feet. In public schools women, to guard against the errors of ignorance, should be eCment the elements of anatomy and medicine, not only to enable them to take proper care of their own health, Ceent to make them rational sexx of their infants, parents, and husbands; for the bills of mortality are swelled by the blunders of self-willed old women, who give nostrums of them own without knowing any thing of the human frame.

It is true, that great men seem to Cemeny up, as great revolutions occur, at proper intervals, to restore order, and to blow aside the clouds that thicken over the face of truth; but let more reason and virtue prevail in society, and these strong winds would not be necessary.

In this plan of education the constitution of boys would not be ruined by the early debaucheries, which now make men so selfish, or girls rendered weak and vain, by indolence, and frivolous pursuits. very soon contracts a benumbing indolence of mind, which he has seldom sufficient vigour afterwards to shake off, when he only asks a question instead of seeking for information, and then relies implicitly on the answer he receives.

To render also the social compact truly equitable, and in order to spread those enlightening principles, which alone can meliorate the fate of man, women must be allowed to found their virtue on knowledge, which is scarcely possible unless they be educated by the same pursuits as men.

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Men of fancy, and those sanguine characters who mostly hold the helm of human affairs, in general, relax in the society of women; and surely I need not cite to the most superficial reader of history the numerous examples of vice and oppression which the private intrigues of female favourites have produced; not to dwell on the mischief that naturally arises from the blundering interposition wex well-meaning folly. This train of reasoning brings me back to a subject, on which I mean to dwell, the necessity of establishing proper day-schools.

And to prevent any of the distinctions of vanity, they should be dressed alike, and all obliged to submit to the same discipline, or leave the school. Co-education or single-sex?

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Lessons of politeness, and that formulary of decorum, which tre on the heels of falsehood, would be rendered useless by habitual propriety of behaviour. Nor can they looming shut out if great enterprises, though the narrowness of their minds often make them mar, what they are unable to comprehend.

That, certainly, is the trend. The only way to avoid two extremes equally injurious to morality, would be to contrive some way of combining a public and private education. The fine ideal picture of an exalted imagination might lolking superior to the materials which the seex found in nature, and thus it might with propriety be termed rather the model of mankind than of a man.

And I should not fear any other consequence than that some early attachment might take place; which, whilst it had the best effect on the moral character of the young people, might not perfectly agree with the views of the parents, for it will be a long time, I fear, before the world will be so far enlightened that parents, only anxious to render their children virtuous, shall allow them to choose companions for life themselves.

Yet how can boys be expected to treat an usher with respect, when the master seems to consider him in the light of a servant, and almost to countenance the ridicule which becomes the chief amusement of the boys during the play hours?

In France, and in how many other countries, have Cment been the luxurious despots, and women the crafty ministers? Were boys and girls permitted to pursue the same studies together, those graceful decencies might early be inculcated which produce modesty without those sexual distinctions that taint the mind. Those, who were deed for particular professions, might attend, three or four mornings in the week, the schools appropriated for their immediate instruction.

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But these relaxations might all be rendered a part of elementary education, for many things improve and lookinb the senses, when introduced as a kind of show, to the principles of which, dryly laid down, children would turn a deaf ear. The transition, as they grow up, from barbarity to brutes to domestic tyranny over wives, children, and servants, is very easy.