First day with Frederick He smears lubricant around my anus; ffor finger slides in, slick and warm, lubricating me. Then a hard metal probe, another electrical device, tingling, buzzing, throbbing - with the probe in my vagina it's overwhelming, torture by pleasure.

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Passivity felt good, I thought, even if it was hard work. When these involve others who are in the lifestyle, you'll eat as the other slaves Frederidk subs do - mostly on the floor. Home Member Freaky women looking for dick in Mansfield who like to fuck. Bitch is a possibility, but only because it can mean almost anything, as long as it's degrading.

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A bimbo is empty-headed, but I know your head is far from empty. Oh, what a gift!

Threesome sexual encounters in a safe clean environment. My body feels thick, dull, full of melted wax instead of organs.

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His touch was as gentle as his whip had been cruel. He cuffed my hands behind my back and bound my arms together at the Frederixk. My duties Frederifk the standard ones spelled out in roughly similar terms in most BDSM slave contracts. He picked up his cat o' nine tails. I still could think of no hard limits, but these could be negotiated at any time.

As long as I know it, I'm not his captive and this can't be torture.

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Master walked around to my front and petted my hair. He employed a maid service, but I'd be responsible for making sure they Frwderick their job correctly and that everything was back in its proper place when they were done. But at that moment I wouldn't have traded places with a king or president. I twitched and said, "Oh!

I managed to contact all but one of Frederick's former subs, and they all spoke highly of him. Then he said, "Take your clothes off.

He would promise to do me no harm. My sole purpose would be to please him, obeying him in all things without question.

He would allow me one week off to visit my Fredeick at Christmas and one the following spring, after graduation. I shook my head. I'm his cum-slut now, I thought, and swallowed. He picked up a box from a side table, brought it to me, and showed me what was inside: a collar of silver mesh with a silver lock in front.

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By the time he started to put his back into it, pausing many seconds after every blow and raising welts, I was euphoric and overwhelmed with arousal, my body singing. Any of the hundreds of thousands of women who made meager livings cleaning wealthy people's apartments in New York would envy me my station in life - earning a college degree that was supposed to be my ticket to a brilliant future.

And here I was, doing what they did, and for no pay at locckin. He wrapped his arms around my thighs, lifted me to him so I rested on my shoulders, and sank his lips into my pussy, lapping up my wetness.

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Master came for me and showed me the washer and dryer, the cleaning supplies, the vacuum cleaner, and other things I'd need to know about. He switches off the power. Then a hard metal probe, another electrical device, tingling, buzzing, throbbing - with the probe in my vagina it's overwhelming, torture by pleasure. He rejected all but a few pieces of clothing and bagged it to be sent to Goodwill - he'd take me shopping the next day.

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Frederic I would become my Master's property for the term of the contract, to be used by him in any way he liked for his own pleasure. He said, "You may wear an apron while cooking and cleaning up. I sat nervously till he was done and had been paid. I'm a pool of hot cunt, I thought. A Dom or sub who did so habitually would soon have a difficult time finding partners.

I have to make some calls now.

I sighed with pleasure. He put a hand over my mouth and said, "Swallow, Emily.

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It was hard already, maybe from the dirty talk. He would respect my safeword. I had on Girrl summer things - a halter top and shorts.