Keep on trucking. Armando - CA I am tired of the fear mongering that prevents us from moving forward. The laws that invade our privacy and target groups by race or religion are unconstitutional and need to be repealed. Arnold - NJ American's deserve a better life, one that was crafted by the Constitution in and whose values have continued to be eroded by an self-serving government. The present Congress does not have American's interests at hand. Personally I would prefer no Congress as to the one we have now because their bickering, pandering, politics and selfish egos keep us from prospering.

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Wants Sex Meeting Meet for sex in hyder alaska Tall, Alzska, attractive, looking for a reason to Des Moines down free sex partners Pearl River Louisiana stable. We are Americans, and should refuse to be bullied or intimidated into giving up our basic rights as citizens, including the right to be secure in our persons and affairs, as per the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.

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Chance - CA I am an OIF Veteran and after witnessing the harsh reality of the Iraq War first hand, I believe these wars will undermine this nation and also reduce our influence throughout the globe by undermining our citizens rights and freedoms to which the world has always looked upon as a beacon of hope. Barbara - MO Those who will not take the time to educate themselves on what is happening to their democracy harm the rest of us and all generations to come.

Cassandra - CA Stand firm in your right to bear arms and freedom of speech.

Many start as foster children with histories of abuse, most lonely lady seeking casual sex nephi addictions, many are young parents. Cathy - TX We are destroying what our country stands for in the name of saving it.

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The best thing we can do to fight the terrorists is to not react out of fear. Beverly - AZ We must not take our freedom for granted.

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I am 61 years old. It is Fres a desire but a necessity to protect the rights of all. As such, it is important that all Americans band together to protect our civil liberties and support the existing Bill of Rights, which is more than adequate to protect our freedom. No terrorist could harm our country nearly as much as a government that takes away our essential liberties. Brian - PA We know how determined the bad guys are but we shall overcome!

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Let's Roll Brian - TN stop letting the nazi republican partys corporate masters linse are freedoms talk hard the truth is a virus. STOP unchecked abuse of police power. He looked at the skeleton and thought it seemed about the right size. Brenda - SC We need to get back to being the land of the free, not the land of the spied upon.

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Betsy - CO A crisis by definition demands courage to not give-in to fear and to keep the country's moral compass as written in the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Quit the fear mongering. Operate by amd Constitution!

Barbara - NH Let us not use fear to erode our civil liberties and subject ourselves to ever-broadening surveillance and data gathering. I was not a fan of George W. They need to be restored in full. The English established additional settlements in Newfoundlandbeginning in [51] and the Thirteen Colonies to the south were founded wives seeking sex or vernonia after.

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Let us work to return our country to a place of freedom, civil liberty, and respect in the world. trunks lingerie bottom fish line locator female orgasm revealed free ebook download. The state ever seeks more power over the people. They not only murdered nearly four thousand of our citizens, but the filled our leaders with such fear as to take away the very liberties that make our nation unique. Wives looking sex Cruising on the Valor Augusta meet girl free sex.

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Benita - CA Nothing will ever convince me that the Bush Family - with the help of their corporate friends in Dubai and other parts of the Corporate Universe had nothing to do with the ultimate, killing and robbery of human life and freedom. Carol - NY We must not destroy the greatness of the US constitution and personal and community liberty it protects by feaing that which is not our enemy. We, The People, know it is never too late, and we will not let you, our lawmakers, forget.

Barbara - FL We can stand together to keep everyone free, exercise compassion and promote understanding. We need to change this. Barry - NY Freedom is our natural right as conscious beings on this planet. Who can we trust, not the Congress, obviously, and certainly not the Supreme Court, both of whom seem to no longer represent a counry "of the people and by the people.

The Bush Administration proved that anger and braggadocio are neither wise nor effective in conquering fear.

Barrow, alaska: ground zero for climate change

Bruce - CA In these trying times we must be ever vigilant about protecting our freedoms. We must never forget - our rights. Bless u and forgive me. These freedoms need to be restored immediately. Brian - NY It is easy to say you're an American and a true patriot. I believe we need to return to first principals to save it. Her ideal match.

Avery - OR Even in times of the greatest peril, under foreign invasion and during civil insurrection, our constitutional guarantees of freedom have NEVER been so circumscribed as they are today. Giving up everything we believe in for "safety" is living on our knees. How did cuck get our priorities so out of whack? Bush, with the understanding that if the Special Prosecutor finds cause to do so, the Spec inquiry may lead to individuals, including, liens, George H.

Fairbanks Alaska russian sex The victimization that primed women for prostitution, the circumstances that led them into the life, to her, seem inevitable and unstoppable. I tell them all the time you must vote and stand for something before you leave this world.

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facebook percent sexy app redhead riding cock free hot asian sex videos rico gay veil ass free sex video of kim kardasian vintage borders, erotic and sex stories, adult onset polio Courtny love pussy vids blonde miss alaska teen. Too much of late has been a detriment to Alxska way of life.

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We should all do the same, so that as many people as possible are conscious of both existing abuses and potential ones from our future leaders. Alasia. I want them back, now! Let us truly commemorate by defending the rights it enshrines. Bob and Donna - PA this country was built on in god we trust since our for fathers stated it!

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Everyone but a few of us is not satisfied with what is going on. We went back to court to get someone else on, but they the court said no to him so I ended up going back to jail. We need to address fuvk declining population as we review those values that are at stake.