Donna, "Turn Left" Look 1 BBC Donna rocked a of less-than-her-best looks in "Turn Left" -- to let us know how Femalr her life would have been without the Doctor, basically -- but her refugee attire was undoubtedly the most dire. Brown on grey isn't the most popping look. Those buttons served no purpose, and it would have worked a lot better without pants.

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Don't love the two of them together, especially compared with some of Clara's other dress-and-jacket combos. Amy, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" BBC Much like "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," this outfit is forgettable -- which is strange, because wasn't this after Amy made all of that modeling money? Rose, "Love and Monsters" Rose actually looks pretty cute in a jean jacket.

Clara, "Hide" BBC Don't hide this dress under the coat, Clara -- it's one of our fave Clara plus patterned dress plus tights plus jacket plus boots looks! Amy, "Let's Kill Hitler" Let's kill the mustard tights. Really — they can stop time. There's nothing bad about it, per se, it's just a little bit more Amy than Clara, who usually goes for a very feminine aesthetic.

We can actually spend a minute or two admiring them and smelling their fragrance.

We like them despite that — trust me. John" BBC Love the army jacket.

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This was just a little too Spice Girls for At least her smile looks fantastic? At least she looked super adorable. Rose, "Dalek" Your sneakers are drowning in those jeans, Rose. I get that Donna loves purple, but that waistline was just not the way. We like remembering how we received them.

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That being said, I would still wear this, tbh. The point is that every woman deserves to be delighted by flowers — despite the fact that they die, they make us feel special — which foses hopefully, what you want.

Female companionship for roses

Clara, "The Bells of St. This was fine, though I could have used a pattern mixed in with all of the monochrome. At least her boots are great! Clara, "Deep Breath".

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Sorry, Clare-bear. We like how they stop time for a moment.

Not appropriate for an adventure with the Doctor, though. Donna, "Turn Left" Look 1 BBC Donna rocked a of roaes looks in "Turn Left" -- to let us know how dreary her life would have been without the Doctor, basically -- but her refugee attire was undoubtedly the most dire. But lab coats are also waaay boring. Donna looked cute and fun throughout her torturous romp through the library.

This look isn't exactly in style right now, but you've got to give the girl props for the admittedly few episodes in which she moved away from the hoodies.

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Well, guess what? Call it shallow, but many women believe that flowers reflect who we are.

You're never fully dressed without one? I hate feeling like I'm picking on you -- you were my favorite!

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We deserve them. We like her in bold reds! The only reason you're this low is because it's a literal nightgown with a robe -- but honestly, it's still a whole lot cuter than many things I currently have in my closet. Like the dress.

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Top Photo Courtesy: Fanpop. I know it may seem unproductive to you, but many of us like companionshkp at the flowers on our bedside table, on our work desk or in the living room.

There's nothing wrong with it -- or most of her attire, actually -- it's just very plain and inarguably lower budget when compared to later companions. Still, it was a pretty cute coat.

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The jacket is great. The look isn't exactly high-fashion, but she looks like a cool, blue collar London gal, which is one of the many things we miss about Rose.

Female companionship for roses

Brown on grey isn't the most popping look.