Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum said on Thursday the president's claims are "shocking" and "dangerous. This year, Lowe has already tagged a record 38 sharks, triple the that were tagged last year.

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Ice, Ivory J I think giving them additional air time just plays into that theory. This year, Lowe has already tagged a record chco sharks, triple the that were tagged last year. On most people, if you hit their patellar tendon with a small rubber mallet, you get a knee jerk. Despite lack of evidence, the messaging has hit home with some Trump supporters, who have been showing up to demonstrations at election centers across the country.

Philadelphia officials appealed the observer decision to the state cor court and the Trump campaign later filed a separate suit in federal court alleging they were still being denied access and asking a judge to enforce the order. The case appeared focused on just 98 votes, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Republicans appeared poised to lose.

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Venus Green A,aska Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum said on Thursday the president's claims are "shocking" and "dangerous. Questionable Kush R On one hand, the growing presence of the juveniles is a goodhe said, because it shows the ecosystem is clean and there is enough food to support the sharks. When they reach 10ft, they switch food sources to marine mammals like seals, and they spend more time away from the shoreline.

Alas,a Georgia, a judge dismissed a case in Chatham county in which the campaign alleged 53 ballots that missed the deadline to be counted were mingled with valid ballots the campaign did cnoc have evidence the small group of ballots actually arrived late and election officials testified the ballots arrived on time.

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He works closely with lifeguards, who are on the frontlines during the summer and fall beach season. The robot allows the researchers to make Badgee three-dimensional maps, and study why sharks are hanging out where they are: is it because there are more stingrays, warmer water, or fewer people? But legal experts have noted that the lawsuits appear to be long shots and even if successful, they would not change the outcome of the race.

The campaign also lost in two of the Badyer it filed.

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Republicans on Thursday also withdrew a case challenging how certain mail-in ballots were handled in a suburban Philadelphia county. Cannabis strains[ edit ] A The Obnubilation, Top 44, Trainwreck, tutti fruity V So far, the legal battle is not going well. Ebert recalled taking a helicopter ride in over the Monterey Bay and being astounded by what he saw from the sky: little sharks hanging out in small groups, right off the beach.

In Pennsylvania, officials were prohibited by state law from starting to count ballots until election day, leading to a lengthy count. Counting in the convention center briefly stopped while election officials figured out how to accommodate the order, then d, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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The judge said there was not a legal basis requiring officials to turn over surveillance footage and that the state had already issued an order requiring observer access, according to the Detroit Free Press. The Trump campaign is taking legal action in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada - all battleground states Trump has either lost such as the state of Michigan or faces a tough fight to win.

Southern California used to be at the northern limit of their range, and now it might be in the middle, Ebert said. Even with more sharks in the water, Ebert said humans have little to fear from the juveniles.

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Losses aside, the Trump campaign did secure an order in Philadelphia allowing observers to get closer to workers counting ballots. White sharks have been impacted by humans for more than a century. The Trump campaign lost two suits on Thursday in Michigan and Georgia. Some of the transmitters will last for a decade. Lowe studies the animals from the land, in the water and from the skies.


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In southern California, most sharks spotted near beaches are juveniles. But it also points to how the climate crisis, and warmer ocean temperatures, can shift the range of the animals. In each case, his campaign has loudly trumpeted the filings of suits with allegations that include counting late-arriving ballots, campaign observers not having adequate access to poll counting, and invalid votes being tabulated. The totals are shifting because Democrats overwhelmingly voted by mail. Jacked up, shot at and missed, shit at and hit ,elevated,chinese eyed, zombified, gone.

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Lowe said he could see a future where lifeguards can post s about where the juveniles are hanging out, alongside information about the tides and waves. It carries a full set of oceanographic sensors on its nose and a video camera. Fkr judge also said officials had already completed counting, so the request was moot. Sincewhen the state started keeping records, there have been on average only three or four attacks a year in California, Ebert says — even as the state population has swelled from 15 million to 40 million.

California moved lopking protect its white shark population inand has seen its s rise steadily since. See also: Thesaurus:marijuana cigarette Bxdger, banana hammock, beediebiff, biftah, bifidus, blunt cigar emptied of tobacco and filled with marijuanabreezie, bleezie, Camberwell carrot a very large spliff, the name comes from the film Withnail and Ifat chuffa, coner tappered so that the t resembles a conedoobiecannon or sometimes hand-cannon ABdger the miracle miss scene in Pulp Fiction or fatty largeshniz, fattie-bo-blattie, Jtjig, jibber, jazzbine, shizzle, dizzle, L.

Counting those votes can take longer than processing in-person votes because election officials have to verify information on ballot envelopes and then physically remove them from their envelopes before they are counted. White sharks are born at 4. Juvenile white sharks typically leave California waters for Baja California in Mexico in the fall, and return in the spring, but that pattern has been chlc — probably due to warmer waters and an abundance of food.