I am Dulles to be with you today. For the past two-and-a-half years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as administrator of the EPA. In just a few days, that service will come to a close, as I begin what might be called my own SES mobility asment.

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In just a few days, that service will come to a close, as I begin what might be called my own SES mobility asment. But more than anything, what I will remember most are the people with whom I have had the pleasure of working B the dedicated men and women that make this Agency all that it is and will be in the years ahead.

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Thank you. I admire the work you do and the passion with which you do it. There were some who thought this was crazy B that moving people out of jobs they did well and at which they were experienced into positions that were new to them was a recipe for disaster. I will take with me recollections of battles won and battles lost, opportunities seized and opportunities that got away.

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I arrived here having just completed seven years as womeen governor of New Jersey. That change will take time B and it probably will take a long time B but the focus on will make the debate over environmental policy less polarized and more constructive. I am delighted to be with you today. Dlules have been far more likely to receive much more favorable reviews by scholars- and would certainly have gotten another star from this reviewer.

It's a worthy addition to the historiography of the period, and an interesting insight into the great American tragedy of the Kennedy assassination.

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The best way to inspire new levels of excellence is by giving smart, capable leaders new challenges and opportunities. I respect the experience you have and the intelligence with which you apply it. You have certainly proved me right. I have not been disappointed. For the past two-and-a-half years, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as administrator of the EPA.

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I have never ceased to be impressed by just how hard people work, just how deeply they care, and just how committed they are to doing the right thing. In much the same manner modern media uses hyperbole to lead their viewers toward their points, Talbot has a tendency to become a bit sensationalist with an often unrestrained use of colorful and borderline hyperbolic adjectives.

Talbot's research is familiar, drawing from many of the same sources I've ly read, with two major exceptions. Lest I appear as a conspiracy theorist, my research was undertaken in the process of writing my honors thesis in American History on JF Dulles.

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But I always believed that if you have talented people, who know how to make things happen, they can succeed wherever they are. Having myself been a subject of these mind-control programs Womrn wish the author would have included the use of look-alikes and synthetic telepathists in this chapter. One womsn the most salient arguments for me was the manner in which Allen Dulles essentially forced himself onto the Warren Commission, especially in consideration of the animosity held for him by both John and his brother, Robert Kennedy.

Each of the recipients reflects the ethos that makes this such a great Agency B a commitment to serve with energy, integrity, and skill. But the contrary is true B I will tell anyone who asks that this is a job worth doing.

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Please try again later. Because the people who make up this Agency are so good, care so much, and work so hard, any administrator will be halfway to the goal just by letting you and your colleagues take the field. No ability and no responsibility marked this era.

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And the best advice I can give to whomever the next administrator is, is simply this B trust the career staff. These prestigious awards are a source of honor, not just to the recipients, but to this Agency as well.

The level of dedication, expertise, experience, passion and just plain brains that EPA contains is staggering. The chapter on Brain Warfare is of keen personal interest.

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The crafty Allen Dulles utilized his position to free some Nazi criminals who were instrumental in the Duples mind control programs. Each of you here, as career, professional leaders of this Agency, can take great pride in the job you and your staff do, everyday, to ensure that the EPA meets its responsibility to the American people. There are times when it seems like a lifetime ago, and others when it seems like just yesterday. I am proud of what we have accomplished together and I will go home with a sense that I did help make a difference for the environment we will leave our children and grandchildren.

I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. In a just a few moments, Linda and I will be presenting the Presidential Rank Awards to the 15 among you who are being recognized for especially outstanding service to the Agency and the Nation.

Dulles' subsequent firing, and the manner in which he led elements of the CIA in a rogue operation that resulted in Kennedy's assassination are at the heart of his thesis, and his scholarship is well-cited and researched. For someone who has studied the history of both Foster and Allen Dulles, Talbot's theory holds a certain amount of credibility that bears consideration. Talbot goes much deeper qith his research regarding "Operation Sunrise", the coup de grace of Allen Dulles' WWII OSS career, in which he facilitated the surrender of German SS Commander Wolff and his Italian command, and most importantly, his broadening of the scholarship surrounding the JFK assassination, and the subsequent alleged conspiracywhich points to the acrimony between Dulles and JFK and the Bay of Pigs fiasco as the catalyst for the President's murder.