A Cornishman by birth, he probably looked like one: short, stocky, dark-haired, biue-eyed, with a florid or brown complexion, well defined eyebrows, and an air of sturdy independence and some integrity. Certainly some of his descendants in Australia are of that very same mould, though somewhat taller, For William, if the known heights of two of his children are relevant, was very short indeed. They Richard and Jane were about five feet tall, probably less. And so may William have been. He was baptised on 8 January, in the parish church of Calstock, which is situated high on a hill above the village of that name straggling along the Cornish bank of the River Tamar, the ancient boundary of Devon and Cornwall.

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Henry Thomas Shiflett Sarah A. Ashby Sprinkel, of Wolftown, was undertaker.

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There are ten letters in John Bigg's surviving correspondence with George Templer. Many Honeycombes, however, are named in the manorial records of Calstock - in the Assession Rolls and Court Rolls maintained for centuries by the Duchy of Cornwall, whose dukes owned the manor and still do.

A genealogist, working from English sources, would have no idea whither in the world the Honeycombes went I happen to know, having traced the present-day Honeycombes in Australia back to two of William's sons, and then having bridged the gap by the chance finding of William and his wife and four of their children in the Virinia of passengers on the Sea Queen who arrived in Melbourne A Cornishman by birth, he probably looked like one: short, stocky, dark-haired, biue-eyed, with a florid or brown complexion, well defined eyebrows, and an air of sturdy independence and some integrity.

Aug on 9 Jun in Greene Co. Shiflett Greene Co.

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James married Martha Alice Addie Sholes d. John married Mary E. Breeden d. The Haytor Granite Railway, operated by horses, opened in and ran for eight and a half miles ood the Stover Canal, whence the wagon-lo of granite were taken on barges to Teignmouth and shipped to various destinations.

The mother Vieginia the person who informed the registrar was a Jane Honeycombe, of the same address, and her father's occupation was 'builder'. Kersey Sarah married Hezekiah Hiram Shiflett. The parents were respectively 45 and 44 inand their surviving children now ed eight, the eldest, Mary Ann, now being 18 years old.

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His only regret was leaving his loved ones. I have already discovered that a lot of inbreeding occurred within the Shiflett family. Kersey, age 45, married 2nd 19 years, Cozet of 8 children living.

Both Henry and Agnes were born in Not all the returns for Cornwall have survived, although they are the most complete in England and can be seen in the House of Lords Record Office. And what was Viirginia actual job? Dunnivan on 3 Jun in Albemarle Co.

It seems he had to marry her, for their son Matthew was born two months after Jonathan and Grace exchanged their wedding vows in church. Bef on 4 Jan in Rockingham Co.

Taylor d. It seems that he was a foreman in charge lod a gang of men in a Haytor quarry, managed by a Mr Bayley, and that the masons were working on various contracts, making granite curbstones, plinths, arches, etc, for use in London. People could walk through it and under the Thames for a halfpenny. He was a carpenter by trade and 20 that September.

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Local strikes and lock-outs occurred frequently at this time. Otherwise, it was an uphill slog, and then along and down and up, by horse or on foot, to Liskeard; or across the slow river to Devon, via the Gunnislake bridge. Mattie Shiflett was born about in VA. And then there was the house called Honeycombe. Templer was authorised to extend the workings on the Low Level at Quarry Head; country debts were to be recovered; stones for a tomb had still not arrived despite repeated requests; Bayiey's charges were very high.

Or of William Robert's death.

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He united with Liberty Baptist church many years ago and was a faithful, loyal member and a regular attendant as long as his health permitted. But a subway existed under the Thames inan iron tube seven feet wide that ran from Tooley Street to Tower Hill.

For trains from London Bridge ran every quarter of an hour, between 8. Tower Bridge had not been built when George got married it was opened in Juneand London Bridge was then the last bridge across the river before it flowed out into the North Sea.

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Vera married Allen Knighton about Shiflett, age 14 Greene Co. Gallie married Bernice A. George A. Harlow on 17 Nov in Greene Co.

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Williams and Mary C. Virginoa he was never declared dead, but 'missing', thus allowing Emma and Jane on receiving a letter from Emma to draw their own conciusions: Emma to marry again, believing he was as good as dead; and Jane to go on thinking that her dear brother there was a year and a half between them would one day reappear.

Nellie Florence Shiflett was born about in Greene Co. For he does not marry untilwhen he is 40, and employed as a porter in Bermondsey. They had already lost a daughter, Temperance, who died when she was also 11; and another daughter, Jennifer, died in Decemberaged 20; she was buried on Christmas Day.

Gallie Lee Shiflett was born in in VA. Rubie Shiflett was born about in VA. He was aware that the end was near and approached it without fear. Shiflett2, Washington1 was born in in VA. Amanda was born in Nov in Greene Co.

Luressa was born in Mar in VA. Shiflett; Married Nov.